• The Breath Of Africa (Excerpt from Core Africa RMX)- Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach
  • Praise The DJ (Let Him Know)- Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach

Nu Releases.

2019 Releases -"How Does It Feel" Cheroot RMX-Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach - What Kind Of Love Is This-

Nu Releases.

2018 Releases -Sun Sound Electric - Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach + 15 More releases first quarter.

Nu Releases.

2016 Releases -"Praise The DJ (Let Him Know)"-Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach

How Does It Feel {Cheroot Remix}

How Does It Feel {Cheroot Remix} -Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach
Ludwig and Dirty twist the knobs and infect the Mainroom with this hook laden slice of Cuban, Electro House infused Soul.

Sun Sound Electric
12 Track Preview

12 track release - Out Now! Covering a bit of range, from Melodic House, Deep House, Tech House, Tropical House, Poolside. This Preview video is highly edited, just giving a taste of whats to come. Enjoy!​

Luv Flow (ohh nah nah nah)
Official Video

Luv Flow (ohh nah nah nah) - Love Flow- Acidic RMX - Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach - Original Mix - Turns into- Acidic RMX- Acid House - Tribal House.

Sun Sound Electric
Spotify Playlist

Sun Sound Electric- Spotify Playlist- Out Now! Covering a bit of range, from Melodic House, Deep House, Tech House, Tropical House, Poolside.

Core Africa Expanded
Spotify Playlist

Core Africa Expanded- Spotify Playlist- Out Now! Ludwig Van and Dirty Bach give "Core Africa" an ample workout. They expand "Core Africa's" African percussion and vocals making them truly come alive. It is an Afro, Tech, Tribal as well as Deep House influenced release from Low Frequency Recordings.

Where Were You
Official Video

Ludwig & Dirty go Tropical House on "Where Were You". A jazzy, chill vibe with a brilliant breezy vocal performance. A superb melodic poolside release.

I'll Bass You - 50Hz Low Frequency Mix {EDIT}
Official Video

“Feel the Bass” as the queen of the island and her prehistoric 50s bae slaves get crazy loose to the 126 BPM lower frequency thump of Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach.

Praise The DJ (Let Him Know)
Official Video

Lady Gaga Praises the DJ's- Nu to Old.

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