Korg DRV -3000 Dual Digital Effect Processor

SOLD !!!!!!_______SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!Korg DRV -3000 Dual Digital Effect Processor - Manual
- Wireless Remote - DRV 3000 is a classic EFX box from 1987...the DRV 3000 provides 16 sound processing Effects, including five Reverb efx, two early reflection effects and two echo effects. Also included are special efx as Flange,Chorus, Ensemble, Pan and two Pitch Shift effects, plus a parametric eq/driver effect. All these effects are stereo and can be applied to a stereo or mono signal.All effects can be edited via the included wireless remote. Effects can be combined in parallel or series. Unit has light rack wear..scratches..Only used in Non-smoking studio... no road work $150...

Portable Vocal Booth

Vocal Booth for Sale (Price Reduced from $2,700.00) $1,350.00 ---SOLD !!!! (for this special price contact us from this site - not ebay - thanks) - Dimensions Outside - 48" wide X 95" long X 91" High on wheels.
Door and window. It can sit on the wheels or take them off and lose 3" of height. Pretty good condition - door needs a little cosmetic work... putting foam back on. Caster wheel base. Vent silencer w/small fan...This vocal booth is in Florida.....This is an older Vocalbooth.com unit.


Sunn Sceptre Tube Amp

SOLD !!!!!! - Sunn Sceptre Tube Amp - w/Footswitch -
This Amp is from 1969 It was modified with a master volume in 1973. Master Volume is right on the logo next to the power switch. Modified fuse - on top of chassis next to tube. The Amp Works. issues - one transformer metal flange broken - was held in place with liquid weld ( I beleive) with age this has deteriorated.
The amp works but will need TLC to keep it working,Of COURSE . $450.00 -____ SOLD !!!!!!!!!

Technics 1520 - Reel to Reel

Technics 1520 - Vintage Reel to Reel For Sale - 1/4" Tape deck - Analog mixdown deck-
great for warming those digital sounds up........ Watch the video for the detail views of front --- back --- side ---watch for the play - rewind - fast forward --tape motion.....Very Good Condition....

SOLD !!!!!

Known issues - 2trk - 4 trk - switch on top of head stack a little loose - does not effect play once set in position. This has the 19" rack flanges already on it. -- Comes With Manual