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2021 - Praise The DJ (Funk Church Session)

More Ludwig & Dirty music

More Ludwig & Dirty music

Sun Sound Electric
Spotify Playlist

Ludwig And dirty's Best + Sun Sound Electric- Spotify Playlist- Out Now! Covering a bit of range, from Melodic House, Deep House, Tech House, Tropical House, Poolside.

How Does It Feel {Cheroot Remix}

How Does It Feel {Cheroot Remix} -Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach
Ludwig and Dirty twist the knobs and infect the Mainroom with this hook laden slice of Cuban, Electro House infused Soul.

Luv Flow (ohh nah nah nah)
Official Video

Luv Flow (ohh nah nah nah) - Love Flow- Acidic RMX - Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach - Original Mix - Turns into- Acidic RMX- Acid House - Tribal House.

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