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2023 - Summer Sun Sizzle Up- Interplanetary Super Skate(Future Home Session)- Praise The DJ (Funk Church session)

More music

More music

More music

"Sugar Hype" - Alpha Beta Fader Man
- Official Video

Sugar Hype by Alpha Beta Fader Man - Feat.The Funkee Caligula

"Take A Bite" - The Funkee Caligula
- Official Video

Prepare to be enthralled by a tour de force that exudes elegance and majesty, as Caligula remixes the essence of creativity since 37 AD.

"The World's Strangest Stranger" - The Funkee Caligula
- Official Video

In a most glorious fever dream The Funkee Caligula composed a song of past loves.

"When It's All Over (Pandemics Over)" -C.K.B. Magnetophon
- Lyric Video

Song of Hope... Radio Edit V2

"I Wish It Would Snow (Christmas Eve On Mars)" Orch Mix- C.K.B. Magnetophon
- Preview Video

New Holiday music for a new generation - on Mars...

Interplanetary Super Skate- C.K.B. Magnetophon
- Preview Video

C.K.B. Magnetophon takes you skating through existence in the key of C#.

First Christmas On Mars - C.K.B. Magnetophon
- Preview Video

First Christmas On Mars - C.K.B. Magnetophon
A sonic letter to Earth from the first inhabitants on Mars - Martians's first Christmas.

The Funkee Caligula - Upcoming
- Preview Video

The Funkee Caligula - Upcoming tracks
Upcoming tracks- Mixin' Shit Up Since 37AD

How Does It Feel {Cheroot Remix}

How Does It Feel {Cheroot Remix} -Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach
Ludwig and Dirty twist the knobs and infect the Mainroom with this hook laden slice of Cuban, Electro House infused Soul.

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